Buffets are back! But not as you know them...

Discover why grazing tables are the hottest trend in wedding catering right now.

Say the word ‘buffet’ and many people conjure up images of bain-maries filled with greasy foods that leave an oil slick in their wake. Cheap and cheerful dishes, piled out messily for the masses to overindulge on.

For the discerning Melbournian foodie or bride-to-be, the old-school image of the buffet is unlikely to inspire, nor to whet the appetite. Luckily, however, times have changed and the humble buffet has evolved. But before we explain how, let’s take a look at its origins....


The beginnings…


As far back as biblical times, historical images depicted the upper echelons of society consuming feasts of wine, bread, meats, fish, vegetables and dessert. The term buffet comes from the French, who would serve food from a sideboard called a buffet.

Sweden also had its own early version of the buffet, the “smörgåsbord”, which was a popular way of feeding visitors with a spread of delicacies. In 1939, the Swedes showcased the smörgåsbord at the World’s Fair in New York, and from then, the concept took off.

Throughout the 1940s, casinos adopted almighty All-You-Can-Eat’ buffets to entice people to dine then gamble, and by the 1980s, buffet chain restaurants were proliferating.

In recent times, however, we’ve seen the decline of buffet-style restaurants like Sizzler. Diners have become more health conscious and food savvy, and their expectations have changed.

Enter the grazing table…

A grazing table is technically a buffet in the sense that it’s a spread of food that guests help themselves to. But that’s where the similarities end.


Today’s grazing tables are a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. They often include artisan breads and cheeses, dips, charcuterie, olives, nuts and fruits, with the option to add more hearty dishes as desired.

What’s great about them is they are totally flexible. Think - Ceviche Bar, Taqueria Stand or an Italian Table to create your main meal – we are here to bring your vision to life.

There’s another reason why grazing tables are the hottest trend right now – they ooze aesthetic appeal. Everything is carefully thought out during the styling process, from the textures and colours, to the height of the food on display. Whether you’re after relaxed rustic charm or opulent abundance, our job is to create and deliver!

Why your guests will love them - no commitment!

The beauty of the grazing table is that you don’t have to commit to just one dish. You can browse the options and pick and choose whatever tickles your fancy. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can put those taste buds to the test with something you wouldn’t ordinarily go for.



When you’re catering for the masses at an event like a wedding reception, how do you accommodate everyone’s tastes? The answer is simple: you can’t. That’s why the grazing table is so popular. It caters

for all the different preferences, even the fussiest of eaters!


Forget about stuffy sit-down meals. Grazing tables create a relaxed wedding vibe, leaving guests free to work the room and mingle. The concept also frees up floor space, which means more room for dancing!

Like to know more?

If you really want your wedding catering to ‘wow’ your guests, why not opt for an Insta-worthy grazing table they won’t soon forget? Fred & Ginger Catering can put together a beautifully designed wedding feast that will leave your guests giddy with excitement. Our motto is ‘anything, anywhere possible’, so you name the place and we’ll create the magic.

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